Canvas Modules Organiser (formerly Canvas Modules Compactor) Add-On for Firefox

Canvas Modules Organiser Add-On for Firefox

Download Canvas Modules Organiser Add-On v 0.9.2

Based on the indentation level formatting of individual Module items on the Canvas LMS Modules page, this add-on allows for collapsing more indented items "below" those of less indented items in a hierarchical fashion. This facilitates better and more concise overview of the Module contents. Collapsing can be done at item, module or page level using different controls.

From version 0.5, the add-on also supports grouping of modules based on collapsed status or on tags added by the user or by the Canvas space admin. See video for details.

NOTE that this add-on only works with Canvas platforms hosted on domains with the names or name types listed below. Requests for inclusion of other domains can be made to .

List of compatible host names ( * = wildcard):

Why is this add-on not on (AOM)?

The Chrome counterpart of this add-on has successfully been published at Chrome Web Store. However, the reviewers at AOM have refused to list the Firefox version on the AOM site, citing their rules against add-ons intended only for "closed user groups". To me, this appears like a very blinkered way of thinking – although Canvas is indeed only accessible to registered users, those users count in the millions if you include all students who connect to their schools/universities via the platform. But AOM has had their say, and so I will have to distribute the add-on myself. Please note however, that it is signed at AOM and will update automatically once installed (unless you have specifically blocked your Firefox browser against extension updates).